2022 5th International Conference on Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management
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Prof. Jiesheng Liu, Vice Dean of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan Polytechnic University, China

Speech Title: Research of high performance polymer mortar materials with silane

Abstract: Silane additives were used in mortar in varying proportions, and the effect of the silane content on basic properties, the mortar’s corrosion cracking resistance and durability properties was studied. Compared with the plain mortar, mortar samples with silanes exhibited better performance when subjected to freezing-thawing cycles and chemical and carbonation corrosion. The addition of silanes also results in the formation of chemical bonding across the interface, which is helpful for\improving crack resistance. Additionally, mortar samples with silanes. For mortar samples with silanes, the effect of the types and quantity of silanes on the crack resistance of mortar and carbonation corrosion is not obvious. Scanning electron microscopy images show that silanes perform the networking and “coupling” effect to hold mortar particles, resulting in the improvement of mortar durability.

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Prof. Dr. Fauziah Ahmad, Universiti Sains Malaysia