2021 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management (CAHEM 2021)
Prof. Lili Dong



Prof. Lili Dong

Chongqing Jiaotong University

Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing Jiaotong University, professor, national-level registered architect, the third batch of academic and technical leaders in Chongqing, excellent young architect in Chongqing, executive director of the Academic Committee on Underground Space of the Chinese Academy of Architecture, vice president of Chongqing Engineering Drawing Society, vice president of Chongqing Survey and Design Association Mountain Architecture and Creation Branch, executive director of Chongqing Civil Engineering and Construction Society BIM Branch, Director of Chongqing Association of Women in Science and Technology, Expert of Chongqing Design to the Countryside Expert Steering Group, Chongqing Construction Engineering Survey and Design Expert, Chongqing Comprehensive Bid Evaluation Expert, Chongqing Green Building Consultant Expert, Chongqing Sponge City Construction Expert, Chongqing Green Ecological District Expert, Chongqing Natural Heritage and Scenic Spot Expert, Chongqing Tourism Resort Expert. He has presided over more than 100 projects of architectural design, landscape garden planning and design, urban and rural planning and design, and won more than 20 awards; presided over and conducted more than 20 scientific research projects and more than 20 teaching research projects; published more than 40 papers, 12 books and textbooks; and obtained 5 patents.

Speech Title: Research on Three-dimernisionat Greening Technology of Chongqing's Existing Pablic Buildings