2021 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management (CAHEM 2021)
Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang



Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang

School of Civil Engineering, Southeast University, China

Zhiqiang Zhang , born in June 1969, is a professor, PhD supervisor, Deputy Director of the Department of Construction Engineering of Southeast University, Deputy Dean of the Civil and Municipal Design Institute of Southeast University, Deputy Director of the Earthquake Resistance and Mitigation Center of Construction Engineering, Director of the Jiangsu Earthquake Engineering Society, Member of the Seismic Isolation and Mitigation Work Department of China Survey and Design Association. Prof. Zhang’s research focuses are structural dynamics, vibration control and structural seismic design and analysis, seismic resistance and reduction (isolation) of existing buildings, comfort control of large-span and high-flexible structures, and structural health monitoring of buildings.

Prof. Zhang has published more than 30 papers and 1 monograph in domestic core journals and international conferences. He is a reviewer of Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Building Structures, Journal of Vibration and Shock, Journal of Vibration Engineering, Journal of Tongji University, Building Structure and Industrial Architecture.

He has chaired one general project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one sub-project of the Science and Technology Support Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, one project of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, two projects of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Construction, and participated in more than ten projects of National Natural Science Foundation and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

He has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, the first and second prizes of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, the special prize of China Railway Construction Corporation, the second prize of National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Construction Engineering Standard Design Award, and second prize of Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Architectural Structure Design of The Ministry of Education. He is the Editor-in-chief of the local standard of Jiangsu Province "Existing Building Structure Energy Dissipation and Seismic Reinforcement Regulations" (DB32/T 3752-2020), and participated in the compilation of the first domestic construction industry standard "Building Energy Dissipation Dampers" (JG/T 209-2007) ), the first domestic atlas of energy dissipation and vibration reduction structure "Atlas of Energy Dissipation and Vibration Reduction of Building Structures" and the first domestic floor comfort standard "Technical Standards for Vibration Comfort of Building Floor Structures" (JGJ/T 441-2019).

Speech Title: Research on Human-induced Response and Vibration Control of Large-Span Floor Structure