2023 6th International Conference on Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management
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Speakers of CAHEM 2023


Prof. Fadi Hage Chehade

Institut Supérieur du Batiment et Travaux Publics, Marseille, France

The main research activities are conducted on the numerical modeling of soil structure interaction problems (Geotechnics area). We have to study complex material structure interactions where we should take into account several particularities like that soil heterogeneities, non linear soil behavior, weak soil near to the surface, many interactions between elements, soil-structure contact, three-dimensional case, water and thermal effects. The aims are to study real industrial problems, to analyze some typical cases generated by the special activities like in urban area and in order to simplify the three-dimensional modeling. A particular attention has been addressed to oil reservoir application: recovery, numerical modeling of flowing, and stability of horizontal boreholes... In this subject, much collaboration have been performed with the French Petroleum Societies: ELF and TOTAL.


Prof. Brijesh Kumar Yadav

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, India

Prof. Brijesh Kumar Yadav is the Head of Hydrology Department, Indian Institute of Hydrology (IIT) Roorkee. He is an awardee of ‘Ramanujan Fellow’ by Government of India and had received postdoctoral fellowships from University of California Davis, Utrecht University & UNESCO-IHE Delft, Netherlands. His current research focuses on Groundwater management, multi-phase flow in subsurface, soil water flow and solute transport through deep and heterogeneous vadose zone, Phytoremediation of heavy metals, Bioremediation of hydrocarbon polluted sites, Quantification of groundwater, Managed Aquifer Recharge in salt affected regions, and CO2 sequestration in deep subsurface. Prof. Brijesh has published more than 55 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters, and made 40+ presentations at various national and international gatherings in areas of natural resource management. He has mentored 03 Postdoctoral fellows and supervised 07 PhD and 33 MTech dissertations. He is currently handling 02 international research projects and involved in 09 research/consultancy projects at national level in different areas of soil-water resources. He has successfully organized the 8th International Groundwater Conference (IGWC) in 2019 and chaired the Natural-hazard Symposium for the Indian Himalayas in 2022. He was also the core committee member of Roorkee Water Conclave (RWC) in 2020 and 2022. Prof. Brijesh has coordinated 15 training courses/workshop sponsored by different funding agencies (CPCB, GIAN, QIP, TEQIP) of Government of India. Apart from these, Prof. Brijesh was ranked in the top ten outstanding teachers list consequently for the last four years i.e. 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 in the PG category at IIT Roorkee.


Prof. Peng Liu

Kunming University of Science and Technology Oxbridge College, China

Peng Liu, Master's degree, Professor, Dean of the School of Architecture and Engineering atKunming University of Science and Technology Oxbridge College, Director of the BIM Technology Research Center, Director of the BIM Prefabricated Building Engineering Research Center, Vice Chairman of the Teaching Guidance Committee for Water Conservancy Majors in Yunnan Province Universities, National Prefabricated Building Industry Expert, and Vice Chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Green Prefabricated Building Professional Committee. Winner of the "May Fourth Youth" Medal in Yunnan Province. The main course - BIM Introduction to Prefabricated Architecture has been approved as one of the first batch of "online and offline hybrid" gold courses by the Ministry of Education. Inheriting the "Red Soil Spirit" of Kunming University of Science and Technology, based on the characteristics of Yunnan's red soil and focusing on the vast red soil resources in Yunnan Province, we have conducted long-term research on the optimization of red soil resources and the migration of pollutants. We have led a scientific research team to carry out a series of research on soil transformation and migration. In recent years, we have published more than 30 academic papers, including 24 core journals, 3 SCI indexed, 8 EI indexed, and 2 ISTP indexed, I have published a first-class academic monograph at home and abroad. In June 2013, I was awarded the title of Academician at Jinqiao College of Kunming University of Technology. In September 2013, I was awarded the title of Outstanding Teacher at a Private University in Yunnan Province. In September 2016, I was awarded the title of Outstanding Teacher in Yunnan Province.                          


Assoc. Prof. Yu Chen

Sun Yat-sen University, China

Dr. Yu Chen, Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University. Dr. Yu Chen engaged in the research of tunnel engineering, subway engineering, underground engineering support, numerical simulation model calculation method development and theory, geotechnical multi-field multi-phase coupling, engineering toughness support mechanism, engineering testing and so on. Rich in scientific research and practical experience in urban underground space development, rock mass engineering, mountain tunnels, large cross-sea tunnels, etc.

Editors of the following journals: International Journal of Coal Science & Technology, Academic editor; Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Young editorial board member; Results in Engineering, Young editorial board member; Deep Underground Science and Engineering, Young editorial board member;

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